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Guide for patients

Letter from the Executive Director:

Dear patient:

Welcome to Ashford Hospital!

At Ashford Hospital, our mission is to offer you the excellence in medical services that you deserve without sacrificing the human warmth that characterizes us. For 120 years, we have distinguished ourselves by our commitment and dedication to the health of Puerto Ricans. Our first-class medical faculty continuously makes sure that the well-being of our patients remains paramount and works tirelessly so that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

With each interaction and service that we provide, we seek the approval of our patients. We designed this Patient Guide to inform you and your family about the operation of the hospital and the rules we have in place that we ask you follow during your stay to ensure the common good. It also explain your rights as a patient and helps us to accompany you as we work towards your speedy recovery.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the administration, the medical faculty and the entirety of our team, we cordially welcome you to our institution and thank you for the trust you have bestowed in us.

Lcda. Itza Soto

Executive Director

Accepted healthcare plans

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