About us
Ashford Hospital: 120 years offering medical services with excellence, compassion, and human warmth.

With unbreakable commitment to the well being of the community

Ashford Hospital is a non-governmental organization founded in 1904 with the conviction to serve. From the beginning, the organization placed itself on the vanguard of health, offering many services and warm patient treatment. There’s no doubt that the hospital’s trajectory has marked the history of health in Puerto Rico and of the thousands of people that have received our services. Today we are proud of our hospital staff’s accomplishments, of the quality of our services and specialties, and of the work team that strives every day to create an optimal patient experience. We continue to focus on prevention, with innovative therapies, precise diagnostics, and personalized treatments that result in a better quality of life for all of our patients.


Registration center


The headquarters of the Presbyterian Hospital were inaugurated in 1904. Founded by Dr. Grace Williams Atkins, the space was initially a dispensary which later became a hospital. That same year, the nursing school also began operating on the hospital premises.


Registration center

The Presbyterian Hospital building was inaugurated in 1917. The initial construction consisted of three wooden buildings in the heart of Condado, the same location that the hospital is situated in today.



Initial construction

The Founding Board transferred management of the hospital to a Board of Trustees residing in Puerto Rico. The institution’s name was changed to Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital.



First hospital

The hospital became the first in Puerto Rico to be accredited by the Joint Commission. This accreditation has now been in place for the past 63 years.



Ashford medical tower

First hospital in Puerto Rico to acquire a medical office tower (Ashford Medical Center).


Throughout its history, Ashford Hospital has distinguished itself by prioritizing innovation and by being the first to implement treatments and technologies that highly benefit patients. In 2020, it was the first hospital in Puerto Rico to receive and treat a COVID patient and the first to administer the COVID vaccine.

Our vision

To be the top choice for medical hospital services of excellence. We want our humanity and our commitment to our patients to make us the most beloved hospital on the island.

Leading Women

The concept of women leaders is a centuries-old idea for Ashford Hospital. In 1901 Dr. Grace Williams Atkins began plans for Ashford Hospital recognizing the precarious health situation on the island. Dr. Atkins and his team had a profound impact on the Hospital, on the development of the County community and on improving the health of the town.In addition to the Hospital, a nursing school was founded to develop talent.Ashford Hospital has continued promoting women's leadership and health education throughout its history 120 years later we are honored to have a management team led by Ms. Itza Soto, and to have an alliance with the Ponce School of Medicine to educate physicians and other professionals in health.

At Ashford Hospital we continue to operate with the values and principles established since 1904: service to the community, the patient first, innovation and excellent services.At Ashford Hospital we are always inspired, with a clear vision of impacting positively the health of our communities, with a world-class medical School, offering a deeply human experience.

Dr. Bailey K. Ashford

A health pioneer in Puerto Rico, he arrived on our island in 1898 as a military doctor during the US occupation. Dr. Ashford researched, discovered and developed the treatment for hookworm, which in 1900 was the main cause of death in Puerto Rico. Thanks to his intervention, Puerto Rican doctors gained professional and scientific recognition. In 1911 Dr. Ashford proposed the creation of a School of Tropical Medicine, which opened in 1926. Dr. Ashford served as a professor from the school and continued to contribute with his research on anemia. For his great contribution and dedication to Puerto Rico and the health of the people, our Hospital is honored with his name.