Privacy Policy

This Online Privacy Statement (“Privacy Statement”) applies to this website or mobile application and the websites or mobile applications of Presbyterian Community Hospital, and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates in the United States (collectively “Ashford Hospital”, “we”, “us” or “our”) with links to this Privacy Statement (each constitutes a Site and, collectively, the Sites). We appreciate the trust you place in us, especially in sharing your personal information with us. We understand that the privacy and security of this personal information is important to you (collectively, we refer to this information as the “data”). This Privacy Statement describes how the Sites may collect, use and share your data.

The Sites are intended for an audience in Puerto Rico and the United States, and are only subject to the laws and regulations of Puerto Rico and the United States. If you access one of our Sites from outside of Puerto Rico or the United States, your data may be transferred to or processed in the United States. You may have additional rights under certain privacy laws that allow you to make requests to us (a “Consumer Request”); for more information, see the Consumer Requests section below.

Depending on how you interact with us, and which of our entities provide the products and services you have selected (collectively, [the] “Product[s]”), your Product documentation, and additional privacy and disclosure practices of the Ashford Hospital entities may also be applicable.

  • What data we collect about you and how we do it
  • Children's Privacy Rights
  • How we may use the data we collect
  • Access your data
  • Social networks
  • Protect your data
  • Ad networks
  • Disputes
  • The data we share
  • Updates to this Privacy Statement
  • How to contact us
  • Links to third party sites
  • Consumer request

What data we collect about you and how we do it. Data we collect online

Data You Provide. We collect data that you provide to us on the Sites, through applications, online forms and calculators, surveys and other communications. For example, we collect your data on the Sites when you:

  • purchase or request a quote for a Product;
  • register for, manage or update a Product;
  • use our paperless billing services or manage your online account and investment options through the Site;
  • use tools and resources on the Site that request data about you, your family or your beneficiary;
  • access other applications and services from this Site, such as applying for a job or using the Locate an Agent feature (note: some of these applications and services may have additional privacy disclosures);
  • provide us with the data through the logins of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn or Twitter;
  • participate in chat rooms, web forums or other interactive sessions;
  • participate in surveys, sweepstakes or other promotions;
  • carry out searches through the Site;
  • share data about you with the Site, or authorize a third party to share such data with us; and/or
  • request additional information.

This data may include, but is not limited to: name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, your profession, employment information, your IP address, assistive technology activity tracking, geolocation data (to the extent provided by you or your device), data and/or information from mobile or portable devices, or other similar technologies, and, when reasonably necessary to complete the request or transaction: health information, banking information, credit card number, Social Security number, driver's license numbers, and other information.< /p>

Usage metrics. Data regarding your use of this Site may be collected and/or aggregated through the use of automated means and Data Technologies as defined below. These data may include:

  • your IP address, the type of browser and operating system you use;
  • the date and time you access the Site and the pages you visit, and, if you link to or from another website, the address of that website;
  • the emails you open and the links you click within those emails;
  • the duration of use by you and the elements and content that you access; and/or
  • data related to your internet service provider or mobile phone company, and the type of portable or mobile device you use.

Data technologies. Various technologies may be used to automatically collect information on the Site, such as cookies, web beacons, and local shared objects. “Cookies” are small identifiers sent from a web server that are stored on your device to identify your browser or store information or settings in your browser. A "web beacon", also known as an internet tag, pixel tag, or clear GIF, connects web pages to web servers and their cookies. “Local Shared Objects”, sometimes known as “Flash cookies”, can be used to personalize your visit by storing your preferences or displaying content based on what you have viewed on various websites. Anonymous advertising identifiers can be used on mobile devices and in other ways similar to cookies. We generally refer to these types of technologies as “data technologies,” which include current technologies and similar types of technologies as they evolve over time.

We may use one or more data technologies on this Site and on other websites and mobile applications (including websites not operated by us). We may use one or more data technologies on this Site and on other websites and mobile applications (including websites that we do not operate). Third parties, which may have their own privacy policies, may also use data technologies to collect information on this or other websites.

When you download or use mobile-optimized apps or websites to access our Site or online services, we may receive information about your location and mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device, device settings, analytics information about how uses your mobile device and other information that may be stored on or accessible through your mobile device, including from applications not operated by us or from other devices connected to your mobile device. This information helps us provide you with location services, advertising, search results, and other personalized content.

Publicly published data. Data that you make available to us and others through social media, forums, blogs, listserves, chat rooms, or similar features is data that we or others may share or use in accordance with the law.

Data from other sources. We may also collect data about you from third-party sources, including commercially available sources, such as credit bureaus, data brokers, or other companies that collect or analyze information about consumers or users. Examples of data we receive from third party sources include, but are not limited to: (1) credit history information from credit bureaus, which we use to help prevent and detect fraud and to offer certain credit or financial services to some customers; (2) demographic data from data brokers and other sources to help anticipate consumer trends and needs;

  • data provided by sources that you have authorized to share such data with us, either on our Site or through applications, devices, websites or other digital interfaces; and/or (4) other similar types of data.

Combined Data. We may combine data we collect from you and information from other sources (collectively, “Combined Data”).

How long do we keep your data? We will retain Combined Data for as long as we are required to by law or for as long as there is a business need to use the data. You may request that we erase the data you have provided to us by filing a Consumer Request (if you have the right to do so) as described in our California Consumer Privacy Act Consumer Disclosure (“ CA Disclosure”) for California residents. In the event that you have the right to file a Consumer Request to have your data deleted, we will delete all data subject to the request, except for data that we have a legal right or obligation to retain.

What rights do I have in relation to the combined data? Regardless of whether or not you are a customer of ours, in connection with the data about you that we have collected, in addition to the disclosure provided by this Privacy Statement, you may have the right to file a Consumer Request as described below.

How we may use the data we collect

We may use the data we collect for a number of purposes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • for our normal business purposes, such as setting up and managing your Product, providing information you request, and providing customer service;
  • to assess your eligibility for the Products;
  • to provide you with updated information about the Site, its Products, including changes to the terms and conditions and/or other administrative information;
  • for special events, programs, surveys, contests, sweepstakes, and other offers or promotions, some of which may have additional rules or provisions about how your data is used or shared;
  • to price and develop new and existing Products or technology and to analyze the effectiveness of Products, marketing trends, applications and websites in maintaining the quality or safety of Products or technology that we may own, control or provide;
  • to conduct internal investigations;
  • to develop and demonstrate the technology;
  • to provide content and marketing communications that we think may interest you, including advertisements or offers tailored to you based on your browsing and usage history, both within this Site and across other websites and applications;
  • to provide retirement calculators, assessments and other financial planning tools on the Sites;
  • to comply with the law, regulations and other legal obligations;
  • to properly verify your identity, prevent fraud and/or enhance security;
  • to audit and provide reports relating to particular transactions and interactions, including online interactions, that you may have with us or with third parties on our behalf;
  • to allow you to use elements within our Sites when you grant us access to information from your device (for example, contact lists, geolocation, etc.);
  • to provide you with location services, advertising, search results and other personalized content;
  • to communicate with you by phone, text or “chat”;
  • for short-term, transient use, including contextual personalization of ads; and/or
  • for other purposes permitted by law or to which you consent.

We may also use data we collect in aggregate or anonymous form (so that it does not identify any particular individual) for various business purposes, where permitted under applicable laws and regulations.

Social networks

We may include applications or “widgets” from social media providers on our Sites that allow you to interact or share data and/or information or content with them. These widgets, like the Facebook “Share” or “Like” button, are visible to you on the web page you visit.

The integration between this Site and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others may allow social networks to collect data and/or information about your browsing on the pages of our Sites where widgets are visible, even when you do not click on the widget. or activate it in another way. Please visit the privacy policy of the relevant social network to better understand their data collection practices and the choices they make available to you. The social network's privacy policy controls the collection, use, and disclosure of all data and/or information transmitted to that network. By way of clarification, the previous sentence does not apply to the icons of social networks. Social media icons, which are graphical interfaces that allow you to link directly to our social media pages.

Ashford Hospital participates in a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allow their users to create, share and exchange content and information. Any data and/or information that you post to a social networking platform is also subject to that social network's privacy policy. These platforms may share your data and/or information with us in an identifiable or aggregated form.

Ad networks

We may partner with ad networks that serve targeted advertisements to consumers, including advertisements linking to Ashford Hospital websites, and generate related statistics and metrics. These ad networks may use data and/or information collected through a variety of Data Technologies to provide advertising placement, personalization, auditing, research, and reporting for us and other advertisers. This collection of data and/or information is carried out over time, both on this Site and on third-party websites and mobile applications, and includes data and/or information such as the number of page views, the pages views on our Sites, search engine referrals, browsing activities over time and across sites after your visit to one of our Sites or apps, and responses to advertisements and promotions on the Sites and on sites and apps on which we advertise. In some cases, we have access to data and/or information collected by Data Technologies used by ad networks on our Sites. This process allows us and third parties to deliver targeted advertising (online and offline), improve marketing programs, and help track the effectiveness of such efforts. Ad networks, which may have their own privacy policies, determine how they use that data and/or information, including for purposes such as determining or predicting the characteristics and preferences of your advertising audiences and measuring the effectiveness of your advertising. As of the previously stated effective date, we do not respond to Do Not Track signals or other similar mechanisms.

Data we share

We may share your data with third parties and between Ashford Hospital entities as permitted or required by law, or where you authorize us to do so. For example, we may share your data:

  • with our corporate entities, for example, for their normal business purposes, to provide services or to conduct marketing.
  • to the extent you apply for a Product online, to all entities with whom you have authorized us to share data or request data in the application (for example, your employer or plan sponsor, reinsurers, health care professionals, credit bureaus, their representatives, etc.);
  • with service providers we contract with to provide the services offered through this Site or on our behalf, including vendors who help us operate our business and fulfill orders;
  • with marketing partners, including analytics companies and ad networks that provide Data Technologies on our website; and/or
  • with insurance regulators, law enforcement, government authorities, auditors, and other third parties to fulfill our obligations or to protect our interests, property, or legal rights, or those of our customers or members of the public.

Please note that Products offered by certain Ashford Hospital entities may be subject to additional privacy notices. For your convenience, links to our: (i) GLBA standard Notice of Privacy Practices, (ii) HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices; and (iii) CA Disclosure are provided at the end of this document. If you have a particular privacy notice for your Product, and would like a copy of that privacy notice, please contact us at the number on your Product statement. We will limit the sharing of your data to the extent required and subject to these additional notices.

Your choices

You have the right to make certain decisions about how we communicate with you.

  • You can choose not to provide your data, even though that may affect your ability to sign up for or receive a particular Product;
  • If you do not wish to receive marketing emails from us, you can follow the unsubscribe link provided in those emails;
  • You have a number of choices with respect to certain Data Technologies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can generally modify your browser settings to notify you when cookies are installed or to decline cookies if you prefer. You can also disable some web beacons by rejecting their associated cookies and disabling or deleting data and/or similar information used by browser plug-ins, such as Flash cookies, or by changing the plug-in settings or excluding them from the technology provider's website. However, if you choose to reject cookies or other Data Technologies, please be aware that certain elements of our Sites may not function properly or at all as a result;
  • You may be able to adjust the use of advertising identifiers on mobile devices through your device settings. For online behavioral advertising opt-outs on our Sites and on other sites to work on your device, your browser must be set to accept cookies. If you clear cookies, purchase a new device, access our Site or other sites from a different device, sign in with a different screen name, or change browsers, you will need to opt out again;
  • If you do not want us to use data that discloses your location, you can adjust your browser settings or change the location services setting on your mobile device to prevent the sharing of that data. Please note that certain items may not work properly or at all if you opt out. Please also note that for browser-based location services opt-outs to work on your device, your browser must be set to accept cookies. If you clear cookies, purchase a new device, access our Site or other sites from a different device, sign in with a different screen name, or change browsers, you will need to opt out again; and/or
  • If you have a Product with us, we will use and share any data we collect from or about you in accordance with the consumer privacy notice applicable to that Product.

You may have additional rights under applicable laws. For additional information, see the Consumer Requests section below.

Links to third party sites

We may provide links to websites owned or operated by other companies. When you use a link to visit a third-party website, you will be subject to that website's privacy and security practices, which may be different from ours. You should review the linked third party website's privacy policy, terms of use and security practices to understand how that site may use your data and/or information. Ashford Hospital will not be responsible for the privacy or security of these third party sites, nor for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information they provide.

Children's Privacy Rights

Our online services are not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect data from children under the age of 13 without parental consent.

Access your data

Access to the data we collect and maintain about you may be made available to you. For example, if you created an online account, you can access that account to update the data you previously provided. In addition, if you believe that the data we hold about you is inaccurate, subject to applicable law, you may request that we correct or amend the data by contacting us as indicated in the How to Contact Us section below.

Protect your data

We use administrative, technical and physical security measures designed to safeguard your data in our possession against loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification. Of course, notwithstanding these measures, no network or system is ever completely secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of the networks and systems that we operate or that are operated on our behalf.


Your visit and any privacy-related disputes are subject to this Privacy Statement and the dispute resolution provisions of our Terms of Use.

Updates to this Privacy Statement

We may update this Privacy Statement to clarify or provide notice of changes in our practices. If we make changes, we will revise the date at the top of this Privacy Statement. Material changes to this Privacy Statement will be effective upon posting.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy, or if you would like us to update the data we have about you or your preferences, please contact us by email at

Consumer requests

You may have rights under applicable law to submit Consumer Requests to us, please review these notices and disclosures for more information:

If you have additional questions about a Consumer Application, please call 787-721-2160, or contact us by email at